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Re: Cards Hot Stove thread

Postby zsportsguy » Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:29 pm

Longoria goes to San Francisco, so I guess we can quit worrying about having to take on the 'lump of coal' (as Cardsfan so aptly put it :lol: :lol: :lol: ).

RE: I still agree with you on Hosmer - I think I said this earlier in the thread...just a couple of months before the Royals got hot and went on their first World Series run in 2014, a couple of my Royals fan friends were so down on Hosmer, not to mention Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas, I got tired of HEARING how bad they disappointing they had was tiring! Hosmer had some big hits at big times...he was a huge part of both playoff runs...which makes everyone forget how frustrating he was to have in the lineup every day up until then. 2013 he hit .300, but only 17 HRS and 79 RBI's...2014 9 HRs and 58, 25 and 90-plus the last two seasons, so he's not a bad player...but a $100 million dollar player? (some have said 10 years and 200 million????? holy CRAP!) I just don't see it. I've never been a big fan. The gold glove is great, but there's a couple of really good articles out there that discuss how poorly he fares in some of the newer defensive metrics. You're right, Boras is very good at his job...but, so far, nobody really seems to be 'biting' on that one. I hope the Cards stay away, unless the price drops bigtime.

Donaldson and Machado? ...meh...I'd love to have either in the lineup, but I don't particularly care for the one year rental
any more than the Cards front office seems to. I've read the Donaldson may be more open to doing a deal now with the right team, rather than waiting until free agency next year...but I'd think you'd have to overpay seriously to get that done.

The more I read about Archer, the more I like him...and less likely I think it seems that the Cards have a real shot at him. I'd love to see a frontline starter come to town...but I just don't see any that are 'do-able', the way the Cardinals usually do business. I'm wondering if all of the signs we were seeing that said the Cards really wanted to make a splash are starting to fade away. I'm excited about Ozuna...but I agree, if that's where it stops it will be disappointing.
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Re: Cards Hot Stove thread

Postby cardsfan » Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:58 pm

Pretty much agree with all of that. I do sometimes think we fans are too hung up on the "big splash" in the off-season. I think the Cards can do things that will make their team better that don't have to be Machado/Donaldson type deals. Just keep looking for deals that make you better where you can.

With Longoria out of the way, I would think that surely means Archer stays unless somebody is going to just blow the Rays away with a stupid deal. His contract is terrific for the team. He makes $6.25MM next year and $7.5MM in 2019. Then team option for 2020 and 2021 for just $8.5MM per year. Heck, that's basically the contract we gave Brett Cecil last off-season with the option that the team could bail out if Archer goes to crap after 2 seasons. So it really makes little sense for the Rays to want to move him even in a rebuild.....unless, they really get a huge prospect offer, which probably would have to include Reyes from the Cards. So I don't see that happening.

Read a little bit of chatter that the Cards have sniffed around on Wade Davis and he's a proven closer...would only cost DeMoney, not prospects so I'm good with that one. Colome is still on the market. And there are other guys out there without a real closer resume but guys who could fill in the back of the bullpen or at least be a part of that. I still like Addison Reed as one of those as well as Tony Watson as a piece.

Bob Nightengale (who seems to never be right) was floating the Cards as a spot for Moustakas and I guess if they are looking for a third baseman, he's probably the best on the free agent market. I just don't watch enough AL baseball to have a good feel for him. His numbers are uninspiring overall really but he did have a breakout year with homers last year. As always, it depends what he costs.

Bernie talked for a bit this morning about the Cards possibly looking for a left handed hitting first base platoon option. Move Marp to 3B (or super utility or whatever) and use Jose Martinez as the right handed part of a platoon. There are several guys out there as lefty hitting options who probably wouldn't be that expensive and who wouldn't be all bad. Some of the names he mentioned that I remember were Lucas Duda, Matt Adams, Logan Morrison, Adrian Gonzalez & Adam Lind. None of those are particularly exciting and I still HATE the whole idea of moving Marp off of first base because I think if you do that, it's going to basically mean Wong to the bench and infield defense will stink again. But if you are set on that, there may be better options at first than third???

Finally, I don't really follow anybody but the Cards that closely but what exactly are the Giants trying to accomplish with Longoria? I may eat my words on that but his numbers sure don't look like a guy who is on the verge of being great again. And he's aging and expensive. Giants had the worst record in MLB last year. Slated to have a top 3 payroll this year and farm system ranked 29th out of 30. They traded one of their top prospects to get Longoria. They are generally a really smart organization but I'm struggling to make much sense of this. I know they were in dire need of a third base upgrade, but still seems a bit of an odd move.

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